Certificate in Biblical Studies

This program is offered at the Memphis and DeSoto campuses.

A Certificate in Biblical Studies at Belhaven is an 18 credit hour certificate, and is for students in preparation for positions of spiritual and ministerial leadership and teaching a deep understanding of scripture.  This certificate goes through interpretation and doctrine to ministry and will give students the needed skills to function in many ministerial and biblical training positions.


Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
Select 18 hours of upper level Bible
BIB334 Law Books and Wisdom Literature 3
BIB335 Gospels and Letters 3
BIB341 Doctrines and Practical Implications 3
BIB344 Israel's History 3
BIB345 Kingdom History 3
BIB375 Outreach Ministry in Context 3
BIB385 Shepherding Ministry in Context 3
BIB395 God's Kingdom Through History 3
BIB470 Non-Profit Administration 3