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Memphis/DeSoto Campus Faculty

Belhaven University boasts distinguished faculty who are ready and available to lead students in the adult degree program toward their educational goals. Our professors are qualified and experienced across multiple fields, often working full-time in local businesses and introducing first-hand knowledge of their subject matter into the classroom. Call or email today and let our faculty help you discover your area of expertise!

Dr. Paul T. Criss, Dean of Faculty Dr. Paul T. Criss, Dean of Faculty

Ph.D., University of Memphis
M.Div. Memphis Theological Seminary
M.M., Arkansas State University
B.A., Central Bible College
Charles Green Dr. Charles Green, Instructor of Education

PhD, Iowa State University
MEd, Loyola University
BS, Southern University
Ken Jones, Instructor of Social Services

PhD, University of South Dakota
MA, University of South Dakota
Master of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary
BA, University of Oregon

NameDegreeGraduate SchoolTeaching Field
David Alexander M.B.A. University of Memphis Business, Accounting, Finance
Ezell Allen M.S. Tennessee State University Mathematics
Robert Brooks M.B.A. Dowling College Business, Education
David Butler M.F.A. Memphis College of Art Art
Dr. Paul T. Criss Ph.D., M.Div., M.M. University of Memphis, Memphis Theological Seminary, Arkansas State University Bible, Christian Worldview, Humanities, Music, Art, History
Dr. Douglas Cupples Ph.D., M.A. University of Memphis History, Humanities
Chris Davis M.Div. Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary Bible
Dr. Lee Denton J.D. University of Mississippi Law School Law, Accounting
Dr. Yolanda Draine D.H.A., M.S. Central Michigan University Health Administration, Human Resources
Dr. Curt Fields Ph.D., M.A., M.S Michigan State University, Memphis State University Graduate Education
Lawrence Fowler M.S. University of Memphis Business, Human Resources
Dr. Reita Gorman Ed.D., S.C.C.T., M.A. Arkansas State University Graduate Education, English
Dr. Charles Green (FT) Ed.D., Ed.S., M.Ed. Iowa State University, Loyola University Graduate Education
Dr. Allison Merrie Gusmus Ph.D., M.B.A. University of Memphis, Maryville University Business
Mr. Jason Hood M.A. Reformed Theological Seminary Bible
Dr. Brodie I. Johnson Ph.D., M.A.R., M.S. Capella University, Memphis Theological Seminary, Memphis State University Leadership
Ms. Erica Johnson M.B.A. Belhaven University Business
Don Jones S.C.C.T., M.B.A. Arkansas State University, University of Phoenix Education
Dr. Kenneth B. Jones (FT) Ph.D., M.A., M.Div. University of South Dakota, Princeton Theological Seminary Psychology, Bible
Dominic Jordon M.B.A. Belhaven University Business
James Corey Latta M.A., M.A. University of Memphis, Harding University Graduate School English, Bible
Dr. Larry B. Lloyd D.Min., M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary Bible, Christian Worldview
J. Scott Milholland M.B.A. Amber University Business
Stefan Melikian M.A.,
Liberty University English
Dr. Rodney Mills (FT) Ph.D., M.B.A. Jackson State University Business
Bryan S. Mitchell M.B.A. Union University Business
Charlotte Moore M.B.A. Union University Business, Health Administration
David Nanney M.B.A. Christian Brothers University Business, Finance, Accounting
Rhonda Nelson M.P.A. University of Memphis Health Administration
Dr. Sally Paulson Ph.D., J.D., M.A. University of Memphis, University of Kentucky, University of Illinois English, Speech
Altonious Peterson M.B.A. Belhaven University Business
Dr. James Quillin D.Min., M.Div. Memphis Theological Seminary, Columbia Theological Seminary Bible, Christian Worldview
Keith Reed M.B.A. Belhaven College Business
Scott Reed M.M.Ed. North Texas State University Humanities, Art, Music
Ademola Sodeinde M.S. University of Lagos Sociology
Dr. William H. Sumrall III (FT) Ed.D., Ed.S., M.B.A., M.S. Arkansas State University, Mississippi State University, Delta State University, University of Southern Mississippi Business
Dr. James L. Sylvester Ed.D., M.Ed., M.S. University of Memphis, University of Mississippi Biology, Education
Dr. Vinson Thompson, Jr. Ed.D., Ed.S., M.A. Union University Education, Research
Kathy Tuberville M.S. University of Memphis Business
Dr. John Tucker D.Min., M.C.Ed., M.Div. Reformed Seminary Bible, Christian Worldview
Norman Van Nostrand M.A.Ed. Cumberland University Education, Information Technology
Dr. Amber Whitworth (FT) Ed.D., M.A.T. University of Memphis Education, English