Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

This program is offered at the Memphis and DeSoto campuses.

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology from Belhaven provides a foundation of knowledge in the major subfields of psychology and prepares students for future study and work in this field.

This psychology major will introduce all students to the study of human behavior and mental processes within a Christian context and will develop the students' abilities to understand and to apply psychology. Many degrees in psychology are founded solely on secular principles, but Belhaven incorporates the biblical worldview into its coursework. Psychology classes include everything from research, applied and social psychology and counseling theory to statistics for the behavioral sciences, abnormal psychology and theories of personality.



The bachelor in psychology degree from Belhaven can lead to rewarding and purposeful jobs like: child protection worker, director of volunteer services, group home coordinator, veterans' advisor, case worker, family service worker, social service director, affirmative action officer, drug/substance abuse counselor, residential youth counselor, community relations officer, program manager, rehabilitation advisor, counselor aide, mental retardation unit manager and hospital patient service.

Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
PSY 203 General Psychology 3
PSY 331 Theories of Personality 3
PSY 332 Learning & Memory 3
PSY 243 Human Growth and Development 3
PSY 312 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 304 Statistics 3
PSY 340 Counseling Theory and Techniques 3
PSY 352 Social Psychology 3
PSY 355 Introduction to Psychological Research 3
PSY 353 Community Psychology 3
PSY 420 Crosscultural / International Psychology 3
PSY 461 Psychology from a Christian Perspective 3
WVC 401 Kingdom Life 3
Total Core 39
Must pick 2 out of 4 electives
PSY 342 Psychology for the Exceptional Child 3
PSY 343 Helping Children and Adolescents 3
PSY 362 Addictions/Substance Abuse 3
PSY 442 Psychology of Health and Well-Being 3
Psychology Electives 6
General Education 40
Other Electives 39
Total Degree 124

The Christian Ministries concentration provides foundational information for students to serve in churches and other faith based organizations. These courses should provide an awareness of basic biblical principles as well as an awareness of an informed Christian worldview in relationship to service to others.

Curriculum Summary - Christian Ministries Concentration

Select 12 credit hours from the list below.

Course # Course Name Credits
BIB 303 The Books of Moses 3
BIB 310 The Life and Teachings of Jesus 3
BIB 311 Acts and Paul 3
BIB 302 Biblical Interpretation 3
BIB 350 The Nature and Purpose of the Church 3
BIB 408 Global Perspectives 3
BIB 360 Global Social Responsibility 3
BIB 341 Introduction to Christian Doctrine 3

The Human Services Concentration is for students who plan to work directly with people in need and offers theoretical and applied preparation for careers in helping professions. In addition, this concentration:

  • Provides students the opportunity to learn about why groups of people do what they do in any given situation, what motivates groups of people to act, or react, and about quality of life issues
  • Helps students effectively work with families of all cultures or race as well as with families that suffer from different problems and issues
  • Prepares students for careers as caseworkers in a variety of social services settings by enhancing their knowledge, skills and values within a Christian Worldview
  • Enlightens the students with knowledge of current social problems, how families function, information about race, gender and diversity and basic information concerning death, dying and grief

Curriculum Summary - Human Services Concentration

Course # Course Name Credits
SOC 201 Social Problems 3
SOC 202 The Family 3
SOC 220 Race, Gender, and Diversity 3
SOC 310 Death, Dying, and Grief 3