Doctoral Degrees and Post Graduate Degrees

You can find a listing of the Doctoral and Specialist degree programs offered at the Belhaven Memphis/DeSoto campus on the left of the screen (on a desktop computer) or bottom of the screen (on a mobile device). Browse through our programs and contact us at 901-896-0184 with any questions that you have so that we can help you get started on your advanced degree from Belhaven University.

What is a Doctoral Degree?

A Doctoral degree is an advanced degree that is completed after a candidate receives a master’s degree. Belhaven awards a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Education Leadership and Supervision (PK-12). After courses in education, statistics and research methods, the degree culminates with a dissertation.

What is a Specialist Degree?

We also offer an Education Specialist degree (Ed.S) in Education Leadership and Supervision (PK-12). An Education Specialist is completed after a candidate receives a master’s degree but before a doctoral degree. While some candidates earn an Ed.S. en route to receiving a doctoral degree, some candidates finish their studies with an Ed.S. degree. There is no dissertation required for students who wish to earn an Ed.S. degree.

What can I do with a Doctoral or Specialist Degree?

Candidates who earn an Ed.S. or Ed.D. degree are typically seen as the top qualifiers for positions in public and private education. While educational administration positions typically only require a master’s degree, an Ed.S. or Ed.D can set a person apart, and in most states, allow for more compensation.

Why should I consider a Doctoral or Specialist Degree?

A doctoral or specialist degree should be considered by students who are highly motivated and intellectually curious. A dissertation takes time to complete, but the value of a terminal degree is immeasurable.